Sunday, August 31, 2014

The 11th Annual Jerusalem Wine Festival

The time is upon us once again!

Tomorrow evening, September 1st, is the start of the four-day Jerusalem Wine Festival at the Israel Museum.

This festival, more than many others, allows for two completely different experiences:

1) It is a great opportunity to get together and hang out with some good friends, in a chilled atmosphere with perfect weather, tasting some exciting wines in an elegant landscape.

2) Discover some of the best Israel has to offer, while also learning a bit about what makes a wine good, better or great. Wineries come from all five of Israel’s wine regions, their vineyards growing in different soils and climates, and the fine touches of each individual winemaker.

Whatever your reason for going – it is sure to be an experience well worth the NIS 85 entrance for all-you-can-taste in a night.

Here are a few tips for staying a bit more sober on your night out:
  1. Have a large CARB DAIRY meal before you come.
  2. While at the festival (or at any wine tasting) make the rounds twice. First try the whites and roses, and then on the second round, have the reds.
  3. Don't be afraid to spit out the wine. It is actually expected, that's why spit buckets are there. Taste, swish, spit...
  4. Don’t be shy! If you have questions about a wine/ winery, just ASK the person behind the table for an explanation. As long as the table isn’t overly busy, they will be delighted to chat with you about anything having to do with the industry — from temperature and climate, to controls used during fermentation, to bottling and even label design. Some booth will have hired attendants briefed in the basics, but there are usually a number of representatives who work at the winery on hand too.
A few more things to keep in mind:
  1. Please be responsible – If you plan to taste a lot – either use the “Taste, Swish Spit” method, or get a designated driver.
  2. NOT ALL WINERIES at the festival will be under Kosher certification, so be careful. They are usually marked, but if you have questions, ask!
  3. For those coming on Tuesday or after, please check our website for a list of my top favorite “not-to-be-missed “ wines at the show.
  4. We at the Jerusalem Wine Club will be offering similar pricing to what you'll find at the festival (those wines that we carry on a regular basis...or special orders for other bottles, if from wineries we deal with). So rather than having to shlep the wine home with you late at night after a night of drinking, come in to the store in Efrat or buy online with us, and get it delivered to your door!